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cheer & tumbling

Welcome to Jess Dance Cheer and Tumbling for Preschoolers!

Our program for children aged 3-5 combines the basics of cheerleading and tumbling in a fun, supportive environment. With fun warm-ups, basic tumbling, spirited cheers, and lively dance routines, our enthusiastic instructors ensure a safe and joyful experience. Join us at Jess Dance, where little ones leap, cheer, and tumble their way to fun and fitness!



Our Preschool Fun Cheer Program is designed to introduce young children to the exciting world of cheerleading in a fun, supportive, and engaging environment. Tailored for preschoolers aged 3-5, this program focuses on building basic cheer skills, coordination, and confidence through age-appropriate activities and playful routines. Each session includes energetic warm-ups, basic tumbling, simple cheers, and dance moves, all aimed at fostering teamwork, creativity, and a love for movement. Jess Dance Cheer program ensures a positive and joyful experience, helping little ones develop physically, socially, and emotionally while having a blast!



Our Preschool Tumbling Fun program is specially crafted for children aged 3-5, introducing them to the fundamentals of tumbling in a lively and nurturing atmosphere. This program focuses on developing coordination, balance, and flexibility through playful activities and basic tumbling exercises. Each session includes  warm-ups, obstacle courses, simple gymnastics skills, and interactive games, all designed to enhance motor skills and build confidence. Led by enthusiastic and skilled instructors, our program ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, encouraging young children to explore movement, develop new skills, and have loads of fun!

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