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 Policy Agreement

* I have read and understand Jess Dance Productions fees are non-refundable, I have read and understand the Refund/ Withdrawal Policies and understand and agree to all regulations and rule requirements of Jess Dance Productions.


As legal guardian of my registered student, I certify that he/she is physically fit to perform in all programs at Jess Dance Productions, is not currently under medical care, and is not receiving medication for any condition which would or may limit participation in any way, except as listed above.  I do hereby give approval to allow participation in any and all activities. I do further release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless Jess Dance Productions, its dancers, instructors and/or other staff members from the responsibility of any injuries, illness related or nonrelated to COVID-19,  that is sustained by any student during the course of instruction or in performance in which he or she may participate in.

*I grant my permission to Jess Dance Productions to use photographs of students for marketing and advertising purposes.* PLEASE email immediately

(, if you do not grant permission. 

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